The world famous BürroCøllies are a highly trained pack of dogs specializing in the capture and herding of donkeys.Working nationwide, these dogs are called into service on rescue cases involving domestic donkeys as well as wild burros.

Unlike sheep and cattle dogs, BürroCøllies can follow no set pattern. Every scenario is unique and the dogs must adapt to the situation at hand.

The BürroCøllies work exclusively with the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, our nation's largest animal rescue, in conjunction with the Federal Government, State Agencies and Local Law Enforcement.  Learn more about the rescue at

Bønney is the matriarch of the team and the world's first full-time professional BürroCøllie. Suffering from degenerative disease in her front legs, Bønney still brings an experience to the team that is irreplaceable.  Bønney's greatest talent lies in her ability to "see" what is going to happen. She always reads the problems and averts them before they can happen.

Bütchie was an abused puppy living next door to the Bürroman. While it took Bütch a long time to overcome his past, he has become the strength behind the BürroCøllies. Known as a grinder, Bütch's job is to move a lot of donkeys. He is unsurpassed at his profession.

BigTimë is fast. As a full blood border collie, he always has to run out to the top of the donkeys. This helps to not only keep the donkeys in line but also serves to lead the donkeys into the trap as they try and stomp him...they haven't got him yet. 

BlüeBønnet is the baby of the team. As the only full blood Australian Shepherd, she has more of a "I'm gonna do my thing" personality. Blüe has a lot of instinct but unlike the other dogs, she isn't as interested in pleasing the boss. The other dogs constantly complain that she is spoiled because she is the baby; The Bürroman adamantly denies this.

The BürroCøllies have been featured in numerous Television Programs and Newspaper Articles.  Bønney and The Burroman have been featured on National Geographic's website.

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BigTime & Butchie  on the job BurroMan with the BurroCollies The Last BurroMan Pushing burros towards the trap Ms Bonney Bell was the world's first full time professional BurroCollie Butchie was rescued from an abusive owner BigTime was added for his speed Bonney is never far from the Burroman BigTime never misses a photo opt. BlueBonnet, the youngest member of the team BigTime trying to turn a burro that didn't want to be turned Bonney keeping an eye on some grazing burros Being a BurroCollie means thousands of miles and hundreds of hotel rooms.  They have worked in over 25 states. Bonney and the Burroman on National Geographic's website. The Burroman & Bonney Belle Taking a break at Donkey Town 2013 The BurroCollie 2-step BigTime BlueBonnet Bonney Butch Bluebonnet Future is bright Bonney BlueBonnet